Links to other galleries and Socal Media

Here is a list of other sites that have my work on them .. It is an ongoing list .. And will be updated as often as possible .. If you think my work should be featured on a website or in a magazine .. Please feel free to put my name forward and let me know you have done so .. So that I can give credit where credit is due ..


Creative Collaborations

I am always looking for new collaborations .. As its the subject of my recent Masters Degree .. If you wish to propose a collaboration .. Please conact me to open up discussions ..

Susey .. xxx

Website Links ..


Spoonflower .. For the latest in my own  fabric designs why not visit my spoonflower textiles page .. Designed and printed onto all types of fabrics .. Just choose which fabric is best .. And get it printed onto your own choice of fabrics ..  Send it to me and I will design and make your garment ..